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Punch Pals Offline (Online) - 2020

Online 2D ASCII art fighting game with infinite lag
WIP still making new characters!
C, javascript (Yes I made the http server in C... :/)

StratGame - 2018

Realtime Strategy Game in the Terminal
Online Peer-to-Peer with matching making server
Email me to try it out. Linux terminal only right now.

Dukes - 2018

ASCII Art Adventure Game
Haskell + C

Custom Punch Pals - 2016

Fighting game with user creator creation.
Email me at patrickriordan177 at gmail if you want to try a recent build.
Made with C++, OpenGL, dear imgui, and Lua.
Mailing list sign up

Lost At Space - 2015

Space pirate simulation in the Terminal
github - 2015

Online Multiplayer HTML5 game made with NodeJS by me and Charles Lockner
Use the arrow keys to run and press space to lunge at people! Try to get the most points!
HTML5 + JavaScript + NodeJS

Office Party - 2015

You are a lonely man, you must deal with your problems
Made in 48 hours with Charles Lockner for Indie Speed Run 2015
3D HTML5 + WebGL game made with DartJS

WARNING: This game no longer works properly in modern browsers.
Office Party

Lumber Thunder - 2014

Chop down a forest and avoid vengeful trees! For the 3 hour game jam.
HTML5 and Javascript.
Lumber Thunder

Sea Quest: Danger at Sea! - 2014

Collect Mermaids and avoid sharks! For the 3 hour game jam.
It turns out 3 hours is not a lot of time. Warning contains odd nudity.
HTML5 and Javascript.
Sea Quest 3hrgamejam

Runner - 2014

Running is faster than driving sometimes. Made this in a weekend.
HTML5 and Javascript.

Clashers - 2014

You and your mighty team must rescue the blank background from monsters!
Made this in a week. I actually think it's not too bad. Except for the graphics.
HTML5 and Javascript.

Platron - 2013

Basic 2D Platforming engine with level building tools for Windows.
Made with C++ and OpenGL.

Ray Tracer - 2013

Actually not a game. Black and white ray/path tracer able to render OBJ files.
Made with C
Rendered images:
aaron7.png roompath5.png roompathtest.png
roomray.png teapot.png teapottracetestsepcularhiglists2.png

Duck Race - 2012

Mass spring system physics with ducks!
HTML5 and Javascript.
Duck Race

Bounce Dot Html - 2011

Defeat the purple emperor!
Made this in a couple of hours with design help fron Aaron Taeker-Wyss.
HTML5 with Javascript.
Bounce Dot Html

From the Red Planet - 2011

Endless space battle!
Note this does not use webgl. HTML5 2D canvas with matrix math.
HTML5 and Javascript.
From the Red Planet

Trash Collector - 2011

Collect Trash on a futurstic city race track!
Made with Unity and Cinema 4D
Youtube Video
Download: Windows Mac

Slam Circles - 2011

Slam yourself against circles and explode them! Watch out for missles!
HTML5 and Javascript.
Slam Circles

Blast Steady - 2010

Shoot enemies forever with a nice grass background!
Sprites and co-design from Aaron Taeker-Wyss
Java/C For web, windows and mac.

Space Defenders 911 - 2010

You're a spaceship with legs! Save the planet against trash!
Java. Sprites and co-design from Aaron Taeker-Wyss.

WARNING: No longer works in modern browsers
Space Defenders 911

Blue Blob and the Sun - 2009

Help out the sun! Collect light!
Blue Blob and the Sun